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Dr. Martin Pollrich


University of Bonn

Lennéstr. 37Martin Pollrich

53113 Bonn


Office: 1st floor

Tel: +49 228 73 7942

Mail: martin.pollrich(at)




 "Mediated Audits", Rand Journal of Economics 2017, Vol 48(1), pp. 44-68

 "Imprecise Information Disclosure and Truthful Certification", (joint with Lilo Wagner),  European Economic Review 2016, Vol 89, pp. 345--360


Working Papers:

- "Unobservable Investment, limited commitment and the curse of firm relocation", (joint with Robert C. Schmidt), (former title: "Incentive contracts to avert firm relocation")

- "The Maximum Punishment Principle and Precision of Audits under Limited Commitment"


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